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The key to a healthy community and a Healthier You

Alongside the health of your own family habits, it’s also important to consider the health of those within your surrounding communities that may need a helping hand. Many communities are underserved as the availability to healthier choices are virtually non-existent. There are many outlets in your local community, like Feeding America, that work hard to make sure the underserved are given equal healthy options to choose from.

Such organizations rely on non profit fundraisers to fund its efforts year-round. Participating in a non profit fundraiser is easier than you think. If you’re unable to give money, many organizations are open to volunteers and mentors. They also welcome creative fundraising ideas for non profits.


Bike For Your Cause

If you regularly tune in to health news, one thing you’ll constantly hear every year is that people are doing less exercise, becoming more obese, and generally getting more unhealthy. If your nonprofit is looking for great charity fundraising ideas to use, why not consider a bike-a-thon? This fundraiser event is a great way to get the funds you need, and to promote healthy lifestyles to boot.

To give you an idea of how effective a bike-a-thon can be, take a look at one of the most successful events of its kind, the American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon. An annual event that started in the early 70s with just three racers, the ACS Bike-a-thon is now on its 42nd year, attracting hundreds of cyclists from all over the country and raising over $1 million for cancer research in the process.