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Holding a charity auction can boost you immune system?

So what are some of the ways to express gratitude? There are really too many to name, but something as simple as a sincere phone call or email is enough to boost your day and the person’s you’re reaching out to. Those are two small individual ways, but if you’re looking to step up your “gratitude game,” a great idea to consider is doing a charity auction for an organization that has benefited you in the past.

When pondering charity auction ideas, consider linking yourself with organizations that are reputable in order to maximize engagement. eBay Giving Works is a perfect place to host whatever sort of charity auction or online fundraiser you choose to do. Charity auction items are also much easier to solicit when attached to a well-known organization, such as eBay Giving Works.


The key to your charity fundraiser is simple: Trust!

Sites such as eBay’s Giving Works is one organization that is a trusted leader in secure options for successful charity fundraisers. Pairing your cause with a popular payment form or option will definitely help increase its legitimacy in the eyes of your donors. Showing that you are interested in your donor beyond their donations builds an amazing amount of trust and likelihood of retaining them as a future supporter.

The wonderful thing about the amount of connectivity we all have access to, is that even with the endless options, we also have a limitless ability to share our great experiences and help people on a scale we couldn’t before.

Charity Fundraising Ideas: Peer-to-peer Fundraiser Tips

“Appealing non profit fundraisers that involve tempting your donors’ taste buds are also great ways to get people to donate to your cause. The key to this P2P fundraising model is to get at least a handful of supporters to commit. Once their friends see them sign up, the promise of a scrumptious meal and great company will compel them to give. You might also try to get local restaurants or grocery stores to donate their excess produce and ingredients to help reduce your overall costs.

Still not convinced that P2P fundraising is a good match for your nonprofit? Our platform, eBay Giving Works, provides a ton of useful non profit fundraiser ideas that your organization could benefit from. For example, you can ask donors to donate directly to your organization or else bid for rare or useful items through a silent online auction. Your nonprofit can take home 100% of the proceeds as we charge no listing fee of any kind. “