The key to your charity fundraiser is simple: Trust!

Sites such as eBay’s Giving Works is one organization that is a trusted leader in secure options for successful charity fundraisers. Pairing your cause with a popular payment form or option will definitely help increase its legitimacy in the eyes of your donors. Showing that you are interested in your donor beyond their donations builds an amazing amount of trust and likelihood of retaining them as a future supporter.

The wonderful thing about the amount of connectivity we all have access to, is that even with the endless options, we also have a limitless ability to share our great experiences and help people on a scale we couldn’t before.


Fundraising for Nonprofits Effectively: Engaging Donors

Patti Gorsky from the Wisconsin Make-A-Wish foundation says, “We have over 500 kids who will be diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition this year and we’ll be granting and working to grant all of those wishes, so we need so many caring individuals and companies like Macy’s to make those wishes come true.”

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits effectively, don’t associate success with grandeur. Although a large-scale event is sure to get people excited, don’t forget that even the simplest ideas can make a lasting impact as long as your fundraiser has a high engagement rate.

Two Healthy Fundraising Ideas for Medical Nonprofits

American Heart Association recommends eating eight or more fruit and vegetable servings a day; for an average adult consuming 2,000 calories daily, that means about 4 ½ cups per day. Americans typically consume about half of those recommended daily servings, according to the association.

More than 80 percent of risk factors for heart disease and stroke, which are the leading causes of death in the United States, are preventable through dieting, regular exercise, and not smoking.