Artistic Ideas for Fundraising

Although the arts don’t get a ton of recognition in the public school system, there is no denying its importance in today’s society. From films to music, the arts provide the world with entertainment and beauty. Do your part to encourage young artists by supporting related nonprofit organizations through these art-themed fundraising ideas:

Open Mic Night

See if a local coffee shop or bar will be willing to host an “open mic” night for your charitable cause. Naturally, ticket sales will be forwarded to a charity of your choice. Be sure to fill your bill with a variety of local musicians, especially ones who need a push to help them achieve their dreams of becoming professional musicians.

Holiday Designs

With the holidays fast approaching, many businesses owners will be looking to decorate their stores. Offer to design a holiday mural on their wall or front window in exchange for a donation to your preferred nonprofit organization.

Offer Acting Classes

Do you have an impressive resume as an actor? Offer acting classes for young children in your community, with the tuition fees you collect serving as donation for your preferred nonprofit. To truly capitalize on the fundraising potential of this idea, organize a stage play to culminate your acting class.


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