Fundraising for Bookworms

Are you organizing a fundraiser for your school or local library? How about forming one centered on books? This will especially work if you want to encourage kids and adults alike in reading more for education and recreation. Here are some nonprofit online fundraising ideas that bookworms will surely love:

School Books for Sale

Instead of buying new, students (and their parents!) may prefer buying used textbooks at more affordable prices. Collect donations (possibly from your school’s alumni), and conveniently sell them through the eBay Giving Works platform.

Adopt-a-Book Campaign

Book collectors and novel lovers are always looking for additions to their collection or reading list. Again, find people who would generously donate their books, exchange them for a small adoption fee, and auction off book sets or rare items.

Reading Marathon

Find sponsors who can give a certain donation for every book that a participant finishes in a reading marathon. Contestants can buy tickets on our site, and you can offer prizes to increase participation.

A Day with Your Favorite Writer

Fans of the most popular writers today would love to spend a day with the creator of the stories they love. If that won’t be possible, how about partnering with one of our celebrities who love reading, too, and arranging an exclusive book club session with their fans? Auction off the VIP tickets on eBay Giving Works’ site to increase the event’s publicity.


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