Unique Fundraiser Ideas

Planning a fundraising event this holiday season? Your group can choose from a variety of traditional ways to raise funds, but if you want to take it up a notch, you may find these unique ideas interesting. Here’s a quick look:

Personalized Christmas cards

Even with e-cards and social networks, many people still embrace the idea of extending holiday greetings to loved ones via the good ol’ card. Put on a different take on this by not only selling handmade Christmas cards but also offering personalized greetings for the intended recipients, just like Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie “Her.” Set up a booth at your office where someone can write the customized greetings.

Online auction

Online auctions are not exactly out of the box, but you can make yours stand out by selling unique and rare finds. These may include Christmas-themed novelty items or collector’s items. Artist Haddon Sundblom’s works, for example, are unique. Vintage trays, glasses, figurines, toy trucks, and other ornaments bearing the artist’s iconic image of a bearded Santa Claus in a fat, red suit are big sellers come Christmas season.

Tree disposal service

You’ve heard of raising funds by selling Christmas trees, but what happens when those trees are no longer needed? Invite people to sign up for your tree disposal service when the holiday season is over. Set up a wood-chipping machine at a venue and offer a shredding service in exchange for donations.


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