Are Online Auctions for You?

There are at least three ways to host an auction: live, silent, and online. In terms of publicity, excitement, and the accompanying photo-ops, nothing sure beats live auctions. Silent auctions, meanwhile, attract well-heeled attendees who wish to bid on a few high-end items. These days, a growing number of nonprofits and individuals turn to online auction sites for several reasons.

How do you know if an online auction is for you? Let’s cut to the chase. If do not have the resources to organize a live event, and/or you want your auction to be as stress-free as possible, then it’s best for you to take advantage of our eBay Giving Works program and run your auction via the Internet instead.

Online auctions are also a good choice if you want to reach out to a larger demographic because these events make the whole world your audience. In addition, online auctions are incredibly convenient to all parties involved. Sellers, such as yourself, only need to check in every once in a while to monitor the auction’s progress, while bidders can make their offers at any time for the duration of the bidding period.

A live auction would make sense if you’d like to stir the kind of excitement that comes from attendees outdoing each other’s bids in person. If you would rather not limit your fundraising efforts to a certain locality, however, then holding an auction online is the logical step.


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