Promotion: Key to Non Profit Fundraising Success

There can be no doubt that the ALS Association’s ‘ice bucket challenge’ is now one of the most successful non profit fundraising campaigns in history. According to Alicia Rancilio of The Associated Press, more than $53.3 million has been raised since July 29, 2014, thanks in part to the support of famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift. While the ALS Association itself didn’t expect the ice bucket challenge to become such a huge hit, the campaign’s success is certainly not lost on a host of other nonprofits that are now starting to rethink how they conduct their fundraisers.
According to an expert from the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, the campaign’s popularity is largely attributed to its simplicity, i.e. participate in the challenge, then either nominate someone else to do the same or simply make a donation.


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