Tips to Boost Donations

If you’re a nonprofit, then fundraising is your organization’s lifeblood. After all, the more donations you can collect, the more projects you can launch, and the more people you can help. To boost the donations you receive, here are a few tips we recommend:

Make it Simple

First off, don’t make the donation procedure complicated. If you have a website, make sure it has a conspicuous “Donate” link, and make the donation form as easy to fill out as possible. You can also use established platforms like our eBay Giving Works program to easily host online auctions for fundraising purposes.

Show the Results

Here’s a fact: people will be more willing to give if they know exactly how their donations will be used. As such, highlight your successful projects in your marketing materials. In short, be transparent with how you use funds and people will gladly support your cause.

Use Social Media

Practically everyone’s on social media platforms these days, and your next VIP donors might just be hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hence, establish a strong social media presence, and use the abovementioned sites to generate awareness about your mission and to promote upcoming projects.

At the end of the day, fundraising is more than just raising money—it’s about changing lives. We hope that by following these pieces of advice, your nonprofit can achieve greater things.


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