Sporty Fundraising Ideas

Millions of Americans play sports for fun and fitness. If you’re the sporty and charitable type, though, you can also use your passion to help others. Below are a few sporty fundraising ideas you should definitely try out:

Organize a Race

Running is one of the most popular physical activities because it doesn’t require special equipment—all people need are their feet and a pair of running shoes. Hence, you’re sure to have many participants if you organize a race for charity. You can charge folks a registration fee, which you can then donate to a worthwhile cause of your choosing.

Teammate for a Day

Do you play on a team? Then you can organize a “Teammate for a Day” event, wherein people can play with your squad during a practice session in exchange for a small donation. Not only is this a great way to raise money, it will also increase awareness about your team

Auction Uniforms

Many people collect sports uniforms like varsity jackets, caps, and jerseys as memorabilia, so you and your teammates can auction off a few of these items to raise money for charity. You can even use online auction platforms like the eBay Giving Works program so that more people can place their bids.


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