Early Year-end Fundraising

Here’s an idea: why not start your year-end fundraising campaigns earlier this year so you can make more money? If you’re wary about getting that head start, a study might convince you otherwise.

In 2013, Google conducted a study that examined the relationship between donor behavior and the organizations they eventually donate to. While many organizations already know that the number of donations they receive usually increase around the holidays, the Google study found that donation-related searches peaked not in November or December, as some might expect, but in August and September.

The study highlights the fact that more and more donors are making a conscious effort to prepare for their year-end giving. It is during August and September that they begin to look at different organizations and try to identify which of these will get their donation.

To take advantage of this fact, fundraisers need to start their year-end fundraising activities early in order to remain visible when people are out looking for an organization to support. The sooner you start talking about your charity, the better the chances are that more people will be exposed to your cause. If you want to make the most of the donation peak season, start planning your event, if you are to have one, preferably even before the third quarter of the year hits.


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