Tips for Lung Cancer Charities

This November, the country is celebrating Lung Cancer Awareness Month. If you would like to hold a nonprofit online fundraising related to this event, you should use an online fundraising platform, which allows for multiple users to donate simultaneously. Do you need some inspiration for your fundraiser or theme? Here are some ideas you can try and get creative with:

Step Up to the Stair Climbing Challenge

Inspired by the American Lung Association Fight for Air campaign, you can organize a stair climbing challenge. This helps promote exercise as one of the ways to lower cancer risks. Find a tall building or tower where you can hold the event, and gather participants who are willing to step up to the task by selling event tickets online, or by allowing donations to be made online.

Compete in a Cleaning Marathon

Veer away from the everyday fun runs or walks, and plan a cleaning marathon instead. Since the depleting ozone and increasing pollution are two factors that heighten lung cancer risks, we all ought to keep our environment cleaner for healthier lungs. Get permits to hold the event on locations that need to be spruced up. Let your participants buy their cleaning marathon gear on our platform.

Vie for a Breathtaking View

Do you want to give a lung cancer patient an experience they will definitely treasure? Hold a silent auction for a vacation package in an exotic destination through our online program. The winning bidder and a chosen beneficiary (a lung cancer patient) can receive the prized getaway.


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