Brand Tie-ups Make Charity Fundraisers Big Hits

A charity auction allows you to get the most out of your proceeds, thanks to competitive bids. Online auctions are even better since they’re easy to manage, enable bidders from anywhere in the world to participate 24/7, and serve as marketing vehicles to promote your cause through email and social media. To attract the best offers, see to it that your items are properly documented—similar to how ESPN provided the winning bidder with a letter of authenticity for its desk.

It is also in your best interest to provide as much information about your auction as possible. ESPN, for example, was quick to inform interested parties that the auction is managed by Kompolt, a famous online auction management agency that also our affiliate. To guarantee a fair auction, Kompolt requested participating eBay members to undergo a Bidder Pre-Qualification process—a standard requirement on our site for charity fundraisers and auctions that exceed $1,000.


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