Fundraising for Family Fun

When your charity fundraising event appeals to the entire family, it’s safe to say that it’s bound to attract donors. From auctions with interesting items and simple awareness challenges to donation drives that adults and kids alike can participate in, you can certainly pique the interest of the bunch. You need to conceptualize well so you can cook up a creative theme and successful fundraiser.

Here are some ideas that can bring family fun:

  • Organize a donation drive among nuclear family members or extended family. Anyone with items in good condition, including clothing, accessories, and home décor, can pitch in. If your donors have vintage, rare, or valuable pieces, you can auction them off on our online platform.

  • Gather families for a spectacularly fun run or walk for charity. Aside from allowing them to participate for a good cause, you also get the families to enjoy each other’s company and promote their fitness. To make the event more interesting, give the walkathon or marathon a twist. For instance, everyone can run as far as they can, and for every mile, they must accomplish a challenge or give a donation.

  • Put together a vacation package consisting of family-friendly resorts, tourist attractions, or accommodations. Either run a charity contest where families would sell through our site and try to raise the most funds for your nonprofit, or start a silent online auction for the prize. Aside from having exposure to our large community, using social media and other means to promote the event will lead to greater success.


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