Fundraising to the Maximum

As the head of a nonprofit organization, you probably know how challenging it is to increase your donation streams. Even if you’ve got a solid presence on social media and other channels, you may still fall short of your revenue target. To address this, here are some pointers you may want to keep in mind:

Augment your budget

Periodically review your budget and see that you stick to it. Manage your costs well, and if money gets too tight, consider holding a fundraising event like an auction. You can take advantage of online auction platforms that require a minimal fee for their service and let you reach a global audience.

Minimize your fundraising event costs

No matter how much money you raise, you may still fall short of your revenue goal if you incur unnecessarily big expenses. An amazing venue and top musical acts may help people take notice of your event, yet these things may not make sense if a significant portion of your proceeds goes toward these costs.

Make an all-out effort to find sponsors

Feel free to hold a big fundraising event, such as a concert, but only if you have sponsors to cover the costs. You will have to double your effort to find sponsors. Consider past donors, and maybe you’ll find people willing to help out in a big way. Schedule a meeting with them so you can formally present what you have in mind and get their buy-in.


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