4 Fundraisers for Musicians

Are you having a bad day? Play your favorite song and let your frustrations fade away! Need to get ready for the big game? Play a song on full blast in the locker room and pump yourself up!

Music has the amazing power of helping us manage our emotions and connect with many people—and that power extends to you, the musician. As such, why not use music to bring joy to others by staging fundraisers that complement your skills? Here are a few ideas you can try:

Easy: Door-to-Door Performances

All you need to do is go around and ask neighbors if they are willing to be serenaded in exchange for a donation to your cause. This works best when there is a special event coming up, especially during Valentine’s Day and the holiday season.

Moderate: Music Lessons

This is another simple fundraising idea worth exploring. However, you need to dedicate a lot of time and patience to teaching people how to play an instrument.

Difficult: Benefit Concert

This is more than just finding several musicians to fill the bill. You also need to reserve a concert venue, find sponsors, set up concession stands, etc. This is a large-scale project, so don’t hesitate to ask family and friends for help.

Oh My…: All of the Above

You can do all three fundraisers step-by-step to turn it into one giant fundraising campaign. Start by generating interest, teaching musicians, and having them perform at the concert.


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