Keys to Great Web Fundraisers

Are you planning to organize an online fundraiser? If so, you’re not alone. After all, the wide reach of the Internet makes it a fantastic place to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit.

With so many generous people online, you need to make sure that you find a way to stand out. Taking that into consideration, here are three key components of a successful web fundraiser:

An Attention-Grabbing Donate Button

Truth be told, people are impatient; they want things done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Give your donors what they want! Place your donate button where it can be easily clicked. You also want the color of your donate button to contrast with your page’s color scheme so that it becomes more visible and “pops” off the page.

Advertising with Social Media

Get people to start talking about your fundraiser and you’ll definitely see a spike in the amount of participants and donors you see. Social media is perfect for this as people can like and share your posts and tweets. Your posts should always link back to your fundraising page to help make it easier for people to donate.

Thanking Donors

Always thank your donors at the time they donate and when your campaign ends. Take the time to send out a personal “thank you” email to your donors just to let them know how much their donation has helped your cause. Doing so is sure to encourage them to donate again in the future.


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