Community and Direct Selling

The eBay GivingWorks Program accepts a variety of items not just from avid supporters of charities, but also from the charities themselves. It’s a great feeling knowing that there are people who are willing to give up their gadgets or favorite set of golf clubs for a good cause. That’s why we manage two methods of nonprofit selling: community selling and direct selling.

Community Selling

Community selling is the most commonly-used method of nonprofit selling. In this setup, a seller can choose to donate between 10 and 100 percent of the sale price of an item to the charity of his or her choice. To facilitate the transfer of the donation and liquidate the taxes, we coordinate with the PayPal Giving Fund system.

A seller who opts for community selling will receive the remainder of the revenue (unless the seller donated in full) and a tax receipt. The charity will acknowledge receiving the donation from PayPal.

Direct Selling

Designed for nonprofits, direct selling designates the nonprofit itself as the seller who receives the full amount from the sale of the items. While PayPal still facilitates the transfer of the donation, a charity can benefit from direct selling because the sale isn’t taxed. To do this, however, the nonprofit must be a registered user at eBay.


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