Make a Good First Impression Online

First impressions last—it’s human nature for people make conclusions about others within a second of encountering them, and the same thing can be said when they first view your nonprofit’s website. If it’s unwelcoming, boring, or out of date, it’s a good bet they won’t bother reaching out to you. They’ll simply move on.

How can you tell what people think?

To know people’s first impression about your website, simply ask in surveys or in donation forms what they think. Be sure to ask questions like: Is it easy to navigate? Is it engaging? Is the cause easy to understand?

Once you’re done gathering the data, compile their answers. If they’re majorly negative, then you may have a problem that needs rectifying fast.

Enhancing first impression

While there are many different ways in which you can enhance your site’s first impression, the most important thing is to ensure the methods you apply focus on three main qualities: appearance, quality, and tone. If your donors can find these key details, rest assured that they’ll take a minute or two to browse your site, which is all the time you ever really need to compel them and convert them into donors or supporters to your cause.


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