Causes Celebrities Care About

As an organization that does non profit fundraising, you know how celebrities can make such an impact. With widespread influence, they can encourage a large community of fans and other people to become supporters of your cause.

We have always been honored to partner with various celebrities in their interest to raise funds or awareness for charities. Several movie, television, and music stars help these listed nonprofits through our platform:

  • With their efforts to rebuild homes destroyed when Hurricane Katrina struck, the Make It Right foundation has earned many celebrity supporters. Together with founder Brad Pitt, other stars involved with Make It Right through us include George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Bruno Mars, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many others. The funds raised through our platform are being used to construct affordable, energy-efficient homes in New Orleans, LA, Newark, NJ, and Kansas City, MO.

  • Numerous stars also take part in the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation through Abolition International. Bands like The Fray and Anberlin, and actress Nicole Kidman, among others, support this nonprofit. Abolition International uses the proceeds they receive in projects that aim to educate and empower communities against sex trafficking, and rehabilitate the victims.

These are just two of the nonprofits that celebrities help through our platform. The generous, notable individuals also aid different and similar causes. Be inspired by these stars and charities, so you can get more supporters and fundraising ideas for your organization.


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