Other Kinds of Fundraisers

Here at eBay Giving Works, we strive to give nonprofits the highest value in our auctions by connecting them with the 100 million-strong eBay community. So far, we’ve raised close to $400 million to support charities, foundations, research institutions, and the like. However, if they feel that they’re not hitting their fundraising goals, nonprofits can also launch other fundraiser events in tandem with our auctions.

Marathons, for example, can attract scores of people because these events are a great way for them to exercise and support a noble cause at the same time. Whether they involve running, walking, or biking across huge distances, marathons never fail to lure in people with the promise of better health, companionship, and bragging rights. Sporting events are also popular for the same reason, at least as far as nonprofit fundraisers are concerned, but they mostly attract those who are familiar with certain sports.

Bake sales are also effective, because food is something that everyone can relate to! Raffles, meanwhile, provide an opportunity to win large prizes and items. Of course, auctions shouldn’t be left out because not everyone has the strength to compete in physically-demanding events nor the interest to buy some sweets and pastries.

If their audience is mostly content with leisurely making bids for hot items, nonprofits will be glad to have hosted an auction for their fundraiser.


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