3 Pet-Themed Fundraising Ideas

Are you an animal lover? If so, your love for animals can help other animal lovers save neglected or abused pets.

Many non-profits like PAWS help thousands of animals every year. You can do your part by staging a pet-themed fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for these animal nonprofits. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Film Viewing Party

Book your local park and set up an outdoor film viewing party, showing classic pet-themed movies like Babe or Lady and the Tramp. To keep in line with your theme, you can request people to donate pet food instead of money in exchange for a ticket. You can also put up a snack stand to maximize the money you raise.

Pet Costume Contests

Do you enjoy seeing pets dressed up in costumes during Halloween? If so, you may want to organize a pet costume contest. Set up multiple categories (funniest costume, scariest costume, etc.) for different types of pets to help you attract more contestants.

Pet Sitting Services

If you want to help raise money for an animal rights non-profit, but do not have the time to organize a large-scale event, you can always opt to offer pet sitting services to your neighbors. This is particularly effective during summer vacation or the holiday season.


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