Make Fundraising More Personal

Managing fundraising activities all year round is a gargantuan responsibility, but even if your group doesn’t have the money to bring in other management professionals, you don’t have to take on the task all by your lonesome. Now the question is, how do you get your supporters to fundraise the entire year without wearing them out? The answer: give them the leeway to decide when, where, and how they’ll go about their fundraising duties.

A personal fundraising experience

Allowing your supporters to interact with your organization on their own terms opens up plenty of benefits. For one thing, it gives members a chance to make the fundraising process more personal. They can use important life events—such as birthdays, weddings, and athletic achievements—as opportunities to raise funds for your cause.

Why personal is better

As the person in charge, your tendency is to have all your supporters’ actions revolve around the organization. However, when a supporter is allowed to fundraise around his or her own life experiences, the entire process is infused with deeper meaning. Fundraising, when linked to your supporters’ personal milestones, fosters stronger ties and allows you to enjoy a sustainable stream of donations all year round. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.


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