Auction Ideas for Music Fans

If you’re looking for ways to get more donations and supporters, why not hold online charity auctions for music lovers? Since people all over the world love listening to good music, you can find plenty of ways to encourage them to participate in your cause. Whatever you plan to auction off, the fact that they’re helping a nonprofit can encourage music fans to participate. Here are some ideas worth considering:

VIP Passes

Secure VIP tickets and concert backstage passes from charitable sponsors. Some stars will be delighted to take this opportunity to give back to their loyal followers and support a charitable cause. Devoted fans will certainly battle it out in a bidding war to win a coveted and exclusive face-to-face encounter with their idols.

Tickets to a Benefit Concert

Arrange a big fundraising music event and sell the best tickets in an auction through our eBay Giving Works platform. You can ask popular bands or singers to be part of your event to draw major crowds. Fans of these stars are bound to snap up front-row seats in no time.

Celebrity Items

Music celebrities can donate personal items that you can auction through our site. These include clothing, fashion accessories, and autographed albums. Generous stars may even give you valuable items like guitars and other precious memorabilia. Expect fans to flock to your online charity event in droves when you’ve got such attractive and rare auction items up for grabs.


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