Fundraising with Event-driven Themes

Events that earn a lot of attention around the world, such as the World Cup, make for particularly great themes for fundraisers. Fundraisers planned around them tend to feed off of the energy these events naturally generate. This energy can then be used to drive donors to donate. Organizers should remember, however, that proper execution is necessary to fully reap the benefits of riding on the popularity of an event for a theme.

In the 2014 World Cup, for example, donors in the United States could be driven to donate by capitalizing on the success of the team this year under its new coach, Jurgen Klinsmann. The change in the squad’s style of play drove the team into a great run at the event, driving tons of renewed interest in soccer in the United States, a sport which, until lately, hasn’t quite enjoyed the same following here as it does elsewhere in the world.

Fundraisers that could capitalize on this enthusiasm for the U.S.’s success might include asking donors to pledge a certain amount for each and every match the United States wins, or every goal the country makes throughout their games. Alternatively, non-profits could talk to local sports bars to donate a portion of their viewing party proceeds to charity. World Cup-themed mini games could also be used to drive donations at such viewing parties.

With the right execution, non-profits stand to benefit greatly, and should always consider using events like the World Cup or the Olympics as fundraising themes.


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