Fundraising Ideas for Animal Shelters

To provide adequate housing for abandoned pets, animal shelter owners need to establish relationships with local vets, groomers, and animal behaviorists. Since not all of these professionals are willing to offer voluntary services, animal shelter owners should of ways to raise funds to keep their organization going. Here are some ideas:

Offer a discounted dog-walking service.

Have your staff members offer to walk dogs in your neighborhood at a discounted rate. Ask the dog owners if it will be OK for dogs from the shelter to come along, too. Since the lure of saving money is simply irresistible for most dog owners, in a short period, your group will be able to raise adequate funds.

Organize an art contest with an animal theme.

Launch an art contest where the budding artists in your community would create an animal-themed work of art. This can be anything from a sculpture, to a painting, to a simple craft. Afterward, hold an event where the art pieces are put on the auction block. The one with the highest bid for his or her artwork is the winner, with the proceeds going to your animal shelter.

Sell an item on an online charity auction website.

If you want a no-fuss way to raise funds, online fundraising is definitely the way to go. While there is no rule to sell items related to the cause you support, it’s smart to go with animal-themed items when you sign up with an online charity auction website.


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