Fundraising Ideas You Can Do This Summer

Summer vacation is finally here… Are you bored yet?

It can be a bit difficult to entertain yourself during the entirety of the vacation. If you have time to spare, why not do something that will help others? We’re talking about organizing a fundraiser!

Your summer fundraiser doesn’t have to be a grand event; even small ideas can contribute in big ways to a cause you wholeheartedly believe in. Below are a few ideas to try out.

Lemonade Stand

Old school, clichéd… Call it whatever you want, but it works! If you want to break the stereotype, add some basil leaves to your lemonade. You might also want to try selling a more “exotic” beverage like Pandan iced tea (you can easily search for unique and refreshing recipes in Google). Place your stand in a strategic location to maximize sales, like outside of the community swimming pool or in front of a popular grocery store.

Water Balloon War

No need to suit up against the hot weather for this battle. Instead of organizing a paintball tournament, why not host a water balloon war instead? Charge a registration/donation fee per team of three and have fun watching madness ensue for a great cause.

Summer Concerts

Summer evenings are the best time to stage an outdoor concert. Ask bands from different neighborhoods, schools, etc. to participate to give diversity to your concert. You can also sell snacks and drinks (lemonade, anyone?) to supplement the donation generated by ticket sales.


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