Fundraising Campaign: The Final Push

Ever since your fundraising campaign started, you’ve poured in every ounce of effort and gave it everything you’ve got. You’re probably looking forward to finally breathing a sigh of relief as your campaign draws to a close. However, as all great fundraisers will remind you, this is not the time to kick off your shoes and relax. Similar to a marathon runner who’s nearing the finish line, you’ve got to push your efforts to the limit now more than ever.

Here are some closing week strategies should consider utilizing.

Put your power fundraisers to work.

Every organization will have a few supporters who always hit it big. Once you’ve identified these people, reach out to them personally. Commend them on their efforts and then encourage them to help you finish your campaign strong. This personal touch can be enough to revitalize their fundraising excitement and make your closing efforts a resounding success.

Be creative.

When the end is nigh, don’t be afraid to be flexible and shake things up. Fuel your supporters’ energy and excitement by creating fun, interactive experiences that drive engagement.

Let donors know your campaign is coming to a close.

Email your donors that their support is more important than ever before now that your campaign nears its end. It can be a powerful way to convince sidelined donors to finally contribute and actual donors to give even more.


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