Tips for Retaining Charity Fundraiser Donors

Some nonprofits struggle to attract and retain donors. Yet with a few strategic modifications, it is possible to get loyal and charitable supporters. Here are some tips for improving your chances of retaining fundraiser donors.

For individual donors, use the power of communication.

Issue personalized thank-you notes in the form of courier mail or digital correspondences like direct emails and mentions on social media pages. Call them personally, and express your appreciation for their generosity consistently. You can also send gifts to express your gratitude, like discount certificates, free event passes, and other freebies that you or your sponsors can easily supply.

In addition, update donors on the progress of whatever project(s) they helped fund. If possible, invite donors as volunteers to upcoming events such as shelter building or relief projects in impoverished communities. These things will more actively engage them in your cause and encourage them to participate in future fundraisers or events.

For business donors, use the power of cause marketing.

Inform corporate donors about the business benefits of continuous support for your nonprofit, aside from fulfilling their philanthropic aims or corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. Cause marketing, which links their brand to your nonprofit, can help them attract likeminded customers, and thereby boost their sales. This can be easily achieved by allowing them to carry your logo and messages on their merchandise and at solicitation booths.


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