Online Charity Auctions: Tips for Soliciting Items

Are you planning an online auction to raise funds for your nonprofit? Be sure to gather enough items that will encourage bidders. All solicitations should be planned and organized to get the right auction supplies. Here are some tips for soliciting items for online charity auctions:

Be specific.

If you issue a call for “any and all” donations, you might end up with an assortment of great items and an equal amount of junk. Identify the items you wish to collect, the condition they must be in, and relevant examples. For instance, if you solicit clothes in good condition, specify that the items should not have holes, missing buttons, stains, etc.

Create compelling donation letters.

When soliciting from institutions, businesses, celebrities, and other high-profile personalities, making a formal request is a must. Such a letter should specify the details of the event, information about the nonprofit and cause(s) it supports, the items you are interested in, and the process of sending donations. Don’t forget to include your contact information and address for their queries and concerns and for their responses.

Take it to social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms can help you get your message across to expansive networks. Your call for donations can reach numerous people who are willing and able to donate. These people may also share your post on their networks, which will broaden your exposure.


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