Live and Online Charity Auctions Compared

Charity auctions are traditionally live events held at spacious venues, where they may take on a rather festive atmosphere. These days, many auctions are organized behind the computer screen, with bids conducted with a few mouse clicks. This leads one to ask: Which format will yield optimum results for your organization?

Live auctions are generally more formal and controllable. Every participant is known, tagged, and determined to make a winning bid, which reduces the occurrence of any non-serious participants joining the event. What’s more, live auctions can be quite memorable events, considering that other events, like concerts, can be held together in tandem with the auction itself, increasing the overall value of the event to the public. Finally, live auctions are very useful for charities that need to observe a strict schedule, since the bidding process usually doesn’t last more than 40 minutes.

On the other hand, online auctions are undoubtedly more convenient. Assuming that an efficient and reliable auctioning software is used, online auctions can literally be a one-person show. Everything from bidding to monitoring and marketing is doable online. In addition, online auctions aren’t limited by geographical boundaries as they can reach out to a greater number of participants from all over the world. Finally, online auctions may be held for longer periods, since bids can be entered even when the organizer isn’t logged in.


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