Potential of Online Charity Auctions Highlighted in One State’s Move

Other parties that hold their own auctions online may reap the same benefits experienced by the Illinois Department of Transportation. As such, this news story hints at why charities, foundations, and other groups have met success in holding online charity auctions through the eBay Giving Works program. Online auction programs are also more flexible than other auction platforms, since they allow alternative payment options like PayPal, which would be useful for buyers who don’t have cash immediately on hand. Buyers can also maintain their privacy while they make bids, which helps in preserving their reputation.

On the other hand, sellers who opt for online auctions can have greater control over price setting and enjoy the removal of “middlemen.” Moreover, they can benefit from having lower administrative and transaction costs. Of course, the biggest advantage to online auctions is that they are simply the most accessible auction platform there is.



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