A Sweet Reminder of Where Great Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas Come From

Whether on the Internet or out in the real world, competition for the limited attention most people give fundraising campaigns is stiff. To many people, already overwhelmed by commercial marketers, nonprofit organizations asking for a donation can sometimes seem a bit of a burden. It’s no wonder, then, that coming up with ideas to attract donors can sometimes be very difficult.

Tucson Boy

A heartwarming story recently published on the Arizona Daily Star brings a pleasant reminder of where great nonprofit fundraising ideas—the kind that speak persuasively to potential donors’ hearts—come from.

The story narrates how a young eight-year-old boy, Austin Bourn, has (so far) managed to raise $17,000 for his classmate, Trinity Poire. Trinity suffers from a rare congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left-heart syndrome, which essentially means she only has half a heart. She needs a heart transplant in order to survive.

To raise the $17,000, Austin began by selling bags of his grandma’s caramel corn. Since it was the week of Valentine’s Day—Heart’s Day—the young boy came up with the brilliant idea of encouraging everyone to be Trinity’s valentine and quite literally complete her heart. The sweet treats sold out on the first day of his campaign, raising $700.

Excited by his success, Austin, with the help of his family, eventually moved the campaign to the Internet. On the strength of emails to friends and family and a crowdfunding effort, the young boy eventually managed to meet, and even exceed, his initial goal of $15,000.

Austin’s efforts, successful in every respect, do well to remind nonprofits and charities alike of the very source of compelling fundraising ideas: the heart. Driven by a matter that was so dear to him, the boy, young as he was, managed to capture an audience of strangers and acquaintances with such earnestness and tenderness that they could not refuse to help him.

What comes from the heart also touches the heart; this is a concept that organizers should strive to apply when searching for gripping nonprofit fundraising ideas to attract potential donors’ attentions. Whether you’re running a campaign online, through a platform like eBay Giving Works, for example, or out in the real world, when you put a touch of your emotions and your passions into your fundraising efforts, success will come naturally.

(Source: Friend won’t die if Tucson boy, 8, can help it, Arizona Daily Star, February 25, 2014)