Simple Charity Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofit Health Organizations

A good breakfast is the perfect way to get yourself energized for the challenges that await you throughout the day. On the other hand, an act of kindness like donating to charity can make your day much more meaningful. These two ideas are precisely why IHOP’s annual fundraiser is such a hit. According to a report from KERO Bakersfield, IHOP gave free pancakes to guests who visited a participating branch last National Pancake Day:

National Pancake

“IHOP will celebrate its ninth annual National Pancake Day Fundraiser, and some of the funds raised will help Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.

Starting Tuesday, March 4 from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., participating IHOP restaurants nationwide will offer guests a free stack of buttermilk pancakes. Servers will ask guests to consider leaving a little something extra to help Bakersfield Memorial, in an effort to raise $3 million for hospitals under the Children’s Miracle Network. 

IHOP hopes to raise a total amount of $16 million for hospitals under the network and other charities.”

Good health is one of the most important things a person can have. As such, nonprofits like the Children’s Miracle Network and the American Cancer Society work hard to promote health awareness and relief for those suffering from various diseases. You can do your part in promoting good health by organizing these simple charity fundraising ideas:

Cold Turkey

Ask friends who smoke or drink to go cold turkey for as long as they can. You can then ask other people to sponsor your cause by donating a fixed amount for every day your friends go without smoking or drinking.

Healthy Cookbook

Go around the neighborhood and collect recipes for healthy dishes and desserts. You can then compile these into a cookbook that you can sell during a local event or at a place of worship.

Sell Online

If you do not have the time to organize an event, you can always turn to selling items you no longer need over the internet. The best part is that some online selling sites like eBay Giving Works allow you to automatically donate a percentage of your proceeds to your favorite charity.

These are only three of the many easy charity fundraiser ideas you can use. If you liked the ideas, feel free to use them as a springboard to start your own unique fundraising event. Anything you come up with is sure to be a winning idea, especially since you’ll be raising funds for a worthy cause.

(Source: IHOP celebrates National Pancake Day with fundraiser; KERO Bakersfield; March 4, 2014)