Online Fundraising for Nonprofits Provides the Right Tools for Success published an article on January 13, 2014 that discusses how fundraisers can be made successful, especially since they’re a lot harder to organize than most people would think. Without proper planning, even something as simple as receiving donations for a good cause won’t be so easily accomplished. The article suggests that organizers carefully assess the feasibility of their fundraisers to ensure their efforts work out:

Fundraising Sucess

“A fundraising feasibility study or survey will provide you with information from those who have the finances and influence to impact your fundraising in a positive or negative way. This should be conducted by an outside firm for confidentiality. There are many reasons why people can’t or won’t personally share with you their true assessment of your nonprofit and their willingness or capacity to give. An outside firm can talk with current and potential donors and provide a confidential report. Such a report typically includes an assessment of how much your nonprofit could expect to raise, how your nonprofit is perceived by the giving community (including strengths and challenges), what would influence increased giving, and who could provide volunteer leadership and funding.”

Nonprofit organizations will always require all the help they need in order to get their fundraisers up and going. A little help from the outside can potentially benefit nonprofits, especially if that help comes in the form of a versatile fundraising tool. Programs such as eBay Giving Works provide organizations with the ability to organize Web-based fundraising for nonprofits, which are incredibly flexible to arrange and host.

There are benefits to using online fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Web-based fundraisers have no maximum cap for donors, are easy to access thanks to the Internet, and can attract donors from all parts of the globe. In addition, by collaborating with firms that offer unique tools like eBay, nonprofits can easily manage and oversee their fundraiser.

(Source: FUNdraising Good Times: Three tips for fundraising success,, January 13, 2014)