Tips for Ensuring Summer Charity Fundraiser Success for Your Nonprofit

Summer is just a few months away, and for most, this means sun, fun, and vacations. For those in the nonprofit sector though, summer is no time to slow down. In fact, it’s the perfect time to boost fundraising efforts. Since summertime doesn’t officially start until late June, you have plenty of time to plan for a summer fundraising event.

Summer Fudraising

Starting early

Don’t wait until June to start planning your charity fundraiser. Successful summer fundraisers are those that start discussing ideas, collecting funds, and building awareness two to three months prior to the scheduled event date. Alec Stern, contributor for FundRaising Success, offers a few tips for a successful fundraising event. Although he meant these tips to be used for fall fundraisers, they remain applicable for summer events as well.

“Use online tools to promote your event, which can send your invitations via e-mail and easily integrate with your social channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as online directories that are dedicated solely to making people aware of events in the area.

Plan how you will offer the best experience possible for those supporters who attend your event. For example, you can streamline the check-in process and eliminate any snake-like lines by using a mobile check-in app for your guests. You can help attendees stay engaged by creating and promoting a Twitter hashtag for the event and build in additional “engagement” moments directly into the program itself.

Think about how you can keep your supporters engaged after the event. Sharing quotes, photos and other items from the event with your supporters (both those who attended as well as those that did not) can be quite impactful.”

Planning for your fundraiser

Though it may sound contradictory, you’ll need to raise funds for your fundraising event. Many groups get a jumpstart on fundraising by having a summer rummage sale or selling various items online through sites like eBay Giving Works. If you have many student volunteers, a car wash fundraiser can be useful after school ends because weather will be generally nice and they will have plenty of free time to help.

Summer provides many channels and opportunities to launch charity fundraisers; thus, nonprofit organizations make it a point to hold an event or two during the season. By using the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to a successful summer fundraising event.

(Source: Your Summer Fundraising Checklist, FundRaising Success, Aug. 14, 2013)