Utilizing the Power and Popularity of Online Nonprofit Fundraisers

A recent article on the UK Fundraising website details interesting facts regarding America’s booming nonprofit industry. In recent years, nonprofit organizations based in the U.S. have attempted to raise funds for various charitable missions, and they have been largely successful in their efforts. Notably, online fundraising has been on the rise. The article quotes a study on the trend:

US Nonprofit Sector

There are snapshots of online fundraising e.g.

  • percentage increase in online fundraising during 2013 in the US: 13.5%
  • percentage of overall fundraising from online giving during 2013 in the US: 6.4%

For fundraisers to be effective, their organizers need to collect as many contributions and donations as possible from both individuals and corporate entities. Securing as many participants as possible, the Internet seems to be the perfect place to attract numerous visitors due to its massive scale. Online nonprofit fundraisers have so much potential, and organizers shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss them as a gimmicky fad.

Online fundraisers for nonprofits like those hosted by the eBay Giving Works program can reduce the inefficiencies or inconveniences associated with regular fundraisers, such as physical and geographical restrictions.

Platforms like eBay can also provide nonprofits an easier way to track their charity activities. They also allow Web participants to easily pitch in. Additionally, by using these, organizers can enjoy an increase in donor and sponsor participation due to the convenience the Internet provides. It helps that online fundraisers are also easier to market, especially if a nonprofit partners with a popular sponsor.

(Source: 50 fascinating facts about the US nonprofit sector, fundraising.co.uk, February 18, 2014)