See Your Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas Come to Life with Data Analytics

Data is arguably the most vital asset of a nonprofit organization. Consider how much Internet, social media, and interactive data is being gathered by charities nowadays and you’ll instantly realize its value. Nonprofits use gathered data for a good number of reasons that serve their main goals: identifying which communication channels are most effective, creating nonprofit fundraising ideas, understanding how to facilitate events, and increasing recurring donations, among others.


In a recent post, Artez Interactive identifies three crucial trends and strategies for multichannel fundraising: social media leverage, content marketing, and analytics. Regarding analytics, this is what the fundraising solutions provider has to say:

“One great thing about having an online presence is that there is no shortage of statistics and metrics to track your performance. Evaluate your online activity and engagement both historically and in real-time with the help of tools like Google Analytics. Other social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest also provide various metrics to help you take the guesswork out of evaluating your social media strategy.

Tips: Marketers agree that analytics are becoming more and more important in online success. Take time in 2014 to become as skilled as you can at not just accessing data, but interpreting it as well!”

Understanding the areas where a nonprofit is most successful, how people respond to various channels, and a supporter’s ability and propensity to give will ultimately enable an organization to become much more successful, and therein lies the importance of analytics. Learn to use analytics properly and the fundraising ideas for nonprofit that you employ through channels like eBay Giving Works will have a greater chance of paying dividends for your organization.

(Source: Out with the old, in with the new: Three online fundraising strategies for 2014!, Artez Interactive, January 14, 2014)