Hold an Online Charity Auction to Bring Bidding to the Next Level

Celebrities can be so famous that even their personal effects become icons in themselves, as an article dated February 21, 2014 on the Daily Mail website reports. The news feature details that critically acclaimed singer and producer Pharrell Williams put up his trademark mountain hat for auction, intending that the proceeds go straight to a nonprofit organization he founded. The article points out how extremely popular the hat has become since:

Pharell Williams

“Pharrell put the big brown hat up for auction on Thursday with bidding scheduled to end on March 2 – and noted the winning bidder will receive a letter of authenticity.

The bidding opened at $200 and the high bid in just hours had reached $10,500.

‘Hey @Arbys, you want my hat? Now’s your chance…,’ Pharrell tweeted to his nearly three million followers on Twitter as he announced the auction.

The Get Lucky singer was referencing the American fast-food sandwich chain Arby’s and its large red hat logo.

The outlandish hat was a major hit at the Grammys with stars such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ryan Seacrest and Ariana Grande posing for pictures with Pharrell wearing the lid.”

Auctions are one of the most effective ways to raise funds for charity, especially if the organizers manage to get hold of paraphernalia closely associated with or once owned by celebrities. Of course, these events can be further improved by bringing them to an online platform, just like Pharrell did. Nonprofit organizations and other generous individuals can hold online charity auction programs of their own with the aid of platforms such as eBay Giving Works.

Fundraising through auctions can be exciting, especially when the bidding becomes heated and high numbers are exchanged. The competitive spirit can be heightened if auctions are brought online, as anyone from anywhere in the globe with a computer is free to bid in events that can last for days. Bidders get to enjoy the convenience of participating from the comforts of their home, while organizers can draw in as many online participants as possible without having to worry about renting event space or handling the demands of the auction in real time.

To make the most out of their online charity auctions, organizers simply have to carefully select a suitable platform to hold them. Existing online resale services can provide pre-built platforms, eliminating the need for organizers to make their own websites. By using these preset programs, organizers can also take advantage of convenient modes of online payment, such as PayPal.

(Source: Pharrell Williams eBays his famous Grammys ‘Buffalo’ hat to raise funds for children’s charity, dailymail.co.uk, February 21, 2014)