Nonprofit Online Fundraising: Benefit from Fundraising Software

Many nonprofit online fundraising organizations know the importance of fundraising software. It not only helps them track donors and donations, but it also helps them create a targeted list of prospects and supporters, send appeals and mailings, and complete necessary reports. In an article posted on, Mary Beth Westmoreland states that software is one of the things that will “shape the nonprofit sector in 2014.”

Nonprofit Sector

“Software will continue to shift away from the importance of the underlying technology to the quality of the user experience. Deep knowledge of how nonprofits need to run their business and the mission critical processes they depend on will trump the bits and bytes.

As the switch to mobile devices for computing needs continues to gain momentum, solutions will be developed for mobile devices, tablets, and traditional desktops by default. Information and functionality will be available to users in any environment, without having to tab through monolithic apps, or going through training programs. And data will be shared among these apps.

This will also accelerate a move away from on-premises installations of software to software-as-a-service/cloud-based implementations.”

Many organizations find that their fundraising software does not fulfill their expectations. Unfortunately, the problem is often not with the software, but in how an organization stores and uses the information in the system.

To maximize software benefits, experts state that it’s important that your staff first learn how to use your software properly. Thus, before you begin another nonprofit online fundraising campaign, take the time to train your staff on the software so they can effectively use it. With knowledgeable users, the data in your software will be stored and used in a way that fully supports your organization’s needs.

Software, however, is not the only tool in modern and innovative fundraising your organization should open up to. While using computer programs to organize your initiatives, also look into taking advantage of online fundraising platforms like eBay Giving Works to make your efforts become more successful.

(Source: 5 Ways Technology Will Shape the Nonprofit Sector in 2014, npENGAGE, January 8, 2014)