Charity Fundraising Ideas: How to Generate Compelling Photographs

In 2013, online fundraising efforts continued to assert their dominance in the nonprofit fundraising hierarchy. As more nonprofits utilize the Web to expand their presence and more donors embrace the advantages of making online donations, fundraising over the Internet is expected to become a bigger force in 2014.

Visual Storytelling

This begs the question: What can you do to make your nonprofit stand out from the rest of the charitable organizations online vying for donors’ attention? Granted, there are plenty of online fundraising ideas that you should explore, but one idea worth investing a lot of time and effort in is promoting your organization through pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. When used properly, one single photo—of your beneficiaries, your team, or a scenario that encapsulates the significance of your advocacy—can inject your cause with the jolt it needs to succeed.

“To use pictures effectively, be diligent about taking them,” advises The website proceeds to share some tips from a research project by Research Media:

“Organize a photography workshop for your staff where they can learn simple, but important techniques, such as lighting, angles and composition, for creating interesting photographs. Commit yourself to refreshing your photos often. People can spot it when old photos are used, so keep an eye out for styles, scenery and other environmental nuances that can quickly date an image.”

Choose your subjects carefully – “The pictures you use should reflect who your organization really represents.”

Now, more than ever, it’s easier to take photos during and for your fundraising events. Let your pictures show the results of your efforts and convey your charity fundraising ideas effectively.

If you wish to expand your online fundraising horizons further, the eBay Giving Works program also offers a perfect avenue for you to do so.

(Source: Seeing Is Believing: A Guide to Visual Storytelling Best Practices,, Rights and Media, April 8, 2013)