Charity Fundraising Tip: Make Your Fundraising Appeal Reader-Centric

A critical yet often overlooked aspect of charity fundraising is the creation of a strong and well-articulated appeal, which requires a considerable amount of time and effort. One way to make an appeal attractive and effective is to make it reader-centric. Claire, a nonprofit coach and creator of, offers a useful tip on how to achieve this:

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Never forget your job: to invite the reader to join you in something amazing… essential… critical… inspiring. Don’t make it about you. Make it about their experience. Use “you” rather than “I” or “we.” Cross out all the ego-centric stuff and rewrite. As veteran communicator Tom Ahern says: “you” is glue. Every time you use it (especially in headlines) the reader pays slightly more attention…involuntarily. It’s the best cheap trick I know.”

The need to make appeals as reader-centric and engaging as possible is why many fundraising professionals are required to have marketing qualifications and experience. After all, in its essence, fundraising is selling. If you hear anyone say that ‘charity sells itself’, you best not believe it.

The reality is, all causes are good causes, and as the one in charge of organizing a fundraiser, your job is to present your appeal in way that will make it stand out from all the others issued by charities clamoring for a donor’s attention. Once you understand the structure that your appeal should take, you can consider your charitable organization ready to begin its fundraising journey.

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(Source: 6 Ways to Raise More Money with Your Annual Fundraising Appeal, Clairification, October 14, 2013)