Online Charity Auctions of Signed Lindt GOLDEN BUNNY Set for April

The rabbit, with its basket of colorfully painted eggs, has become an indispensable symbol of Easter. Children welcome it and its promise of a fun Easter egg hunt, chocolate eggs, and other treats. Here at eBay Giving Works, we’re hoping that one very special bunny will be welcomed into the homes of our avid bidders this Easter. Signed porcelain versions of Lindt’s GOLDEN BUNNY will be featured in our upcoming online charity auctions, and will bear something more important than Easter eggs: the promise of help for autistic children.

Over the last four years, the master Swiss chocolatier, Lindt, has partnered with Autism Speaks to help the nonprofit in their mission in the field of autism. Autism Speaks works to further research on the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure of the disorder; increase awareness about it; and advocate for the needs of autistic individuals and their families.

Each year, Lindt has held online auctions of porcelain versions of their signature GOLDEN BUNNY on the eBay Giving Works platform. Each GOLDEN BUNNY is signed by a different celebrity from the entertainment, music, sports, and food industries. The GOLDEN BUNNY has been a popular item among big-ticket bidders, with 2013’s most popular bunny, signed by Harrison Ford, selling for almost $2,500.

In April 2014, Lindt will once again be hosting GOLDEN BUNNY online auctions for charity with us. To celebrate the auction’s fifth year, the chocolatier has promised to make a matching donation equal to the funds raised during the event. As with previous auctions, 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks.

Bidders who would like to take home one of these highly coveted bunnies are encouraged to visit the event’s store page at and mark Auction Speaks as a favorite nonprofit on the eBay Giving Works website.