One Ballet Company’s Inspired Approach to Fundraising for Nonprofits

Truly interesting fundraising ideas are often hard to come by, so each one that makes the news is a gem that ought to be shared. Recently, the online portal Broadway World ran a story on a Maryland ballet group that used a most unusual idea to raise money for their outreach program for at-risk children.

Until recently, the Maryland Youth Ballet’s finances were in a downward spiral. Having lost more than $10,000 in revenue due to early winter storms that canceled classes and performances, the company was in no position to help the at-risk children they provide after-school dance classes to. The ballet’s program, Jumpstart, also provides the children with complete ballet clothing, performance tickets, and a summer camp.

a novel approach to fundraising by a nonprofit ballet organization

Still, the company wanted to help, so they arranged a fundraiser like no other. While still using ballet as a hook for solicitation, they threw in a little twist and invited two elected Maryland state legislators to take part in their performance.

The ballet company’s methods were doubtlessly unusual and, admittedly, might not work for everyone. Nonetheless, their out-of-the-box thinking is exemplary.

When brainstorming ideas for fundraising for nonprofits, be prepared to think of possibilities outside the usual marathons, bake sales, and balls. Instead, think of what’s available to you—the legislators were available to the ballet company, since they worked together in the past—and find interesting new ways to work with them.

Keep in mind that creative fundraising for nonprofits can take the form of selling unique and interesting products. For example, you could set up an auction with eBay Giving Works, and have guests bid for a unique piece of art your beneficiaries created. Alternatively, you could arrange for the sale of exotic flowers for upcoming holidays. Really, the sky’s the limit!

(Article Information and Image from A Novel Approach to Fundraising by a Nonprofit Ballet Organization,Broadway World, December 30, 2013)


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