Support Nonprofit Fundraisers to Help Shelters Care for Abused Dogs

According to Pew Research, dogs are more than just man’s best friends—in a recent survey, the group found that 85% of respondents considered these pets as part of the family. Still, it’s a sad reality that some pet dogs are neglected or abused by their owners. Thankfully, people are more than willing to help out these hapless animals, as this article from reports:

“The story of a 7-month-old pit bull named Heaven who was brought to an animal hospital here beaten, malnourished and near-death has attracted international sympathy, hospital staff said Tuesday.

Federal Express boxes filled with gifts of toys, bones, blankets, a new orthopedic bed, cards and cash began arriving this week at Shrewsbury Veterinary Hospital after reports of Heaven’s plight, said Ann Rooney, the hospital manager.

Cash donations have totaled $3,000, Rooney said. The money will go into a special account set up for Heaven, she said.

“It breaks your heart to see her,” Rooney said.”

If you want to aid abused, neglected, or homeless dogs too, one of the best things you can do is help your local animal shelter. Support nonprofit fundraisers that provide much-needed money to these organizations, which they use to house, feed, and cure the animals they harbor. You can also start a dog-walking service or sell hand-made crafts, then donate the proceeds to your animal shelter.

abused dog recieves outpouring of sympathy

EBay also has an online nonprofit fundraiser program called Giving Works. Through it, you can sell pre-owned belongings and donate 10-100% of your sales to the Humane Society of the United States, a nonprofit that campaigns for animal rights and conducts animal rescue.


(Article Information and Image from Abused dog receives outpouring of sympathy,, November 20, 2013)


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