Kids Can Help Too! A Few Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas for Children

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the worst natural disasters in history, affecting millions of people in the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines. Fortunately, there has been an outpouring of support from the international community, with both governments and civilians pledging monetary support to help rebuild the lives shattered by this disaster. Now, you can add little Shoichi Kondoh of Japan to the list of kind-hearted people who have helped out. As reports:

It may not be much (5,000 yen or around $50), but a 6-year-old Japanese boy’s small contribution to the relief efforts in the Philippines for victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan has restored a lot of people’s faith in humanity. Shoichi Kondoh donated all of his life savings after he saw the situation on TV, according to the Philippine embassy in Japan, becoming one of the youngest donors on record.

The story carried by the embassy website says that Sochi, together with his mother Miho, personally went to the embassy to personally hand over all the contents of his piggy bank savings to Second Secretary and Consul Bryan Dexter Lao. They said that the young boy “did not think twice about giving away his childhood savings.”

As the article illustrates, even little children can be a big help in times of crisis. Of course, donating the contents of their piggybank is just one way by which kids can help; by doing simple nonprofit fundraising ideas like setting up a lemonade stand or starting a carwash, they can also raise money that can then be donated to a charitable institution.

japanese 6 year old one of the youngest donors to haiyan relief efforts

There are also novel nonprofit fundraising ideas like holding online auctions through the eBay Giving Works program. Kids can list their pre-loved toys on the website and donate all proceeds of their auction to the many nonprofit institutions that eBay lists. With so many fun and easy ways to help, more kids can be of service to those in need.

(Article Information and Image from Japanese 6-year-old one of the youngest donors to Haiyan relief efforts,, November 15, 2013)


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