Nonprofit Online Fundraising Efforts are just as effective as 5K Runs

These days, whenever a charitable foundation wants to host a fundraiser, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be a 5K race. In recent years, 5K fun runs have become popular fundraising activities not only for charities but also for schools and churches. This trend indeed makes a lot of sense, as the Ocala Star-Banner explains:

“As Running USA’s figures attest, running is an increasingly popular fitness activity. The Internet is replete with how-to guides for 5K training. And many people view 5K races — particularly those tied to fundraising efforts — as an easy entry point to the sport.

“They’re not as intimidating” as bigger races, said Darrin DeTorres, 26, who ran cross-country during his Vanguard days. He now helps coach the team and also organizes some local races.”

To be successful, such a fundraising event must be both beneficial and convenient for all participants. Not surprisingly, these descriptions can also apply to websites that enable online fundraising for nonprofits, such as eBay’s Giving Works program. The appeal is understandable: people can donate with just a few mouse clicks, while charities can reach out to the rest of the world through the power of the Internet.

5k races become popular fundraisers

Such a fundraising mechanism also enables efficient monitoring as donations are instantly registered and processed online. This beats hosting TV ads and radio plugs to encourage people to fund and support worthy causes.

Nonprofit online fundraising efforts offer other benefits. For instance, information about the charity and its causes can be disseminated more extensively and on a much more personal level. Online fundraisers may not offer the same health benefits as 5K races, but they nonetheless allow people with very little time on their hands to take part in worthwhile initiatives and make a difference.

(Article Information and Image from 5K races become popular fundraisers, Ocala Star-Banner, January 2, 2014)


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