Looking for Winning Charity Fundraising Ideas? Better Start Small

Big things come from humble beginnings, so goes the old adage. This saying also applies in the context of charity fundraisers. Sally Stich of Woman’s Day writes that the best way for anyone (particularly women) to start a charity of their own is to begin at the local level first.

For instance, fundraisers can use local assets and the neighborhood itself as a springboard for events like fun runs, lotteries, and the like. Some of the most popular charity fundraising ideas today also include bake sales, charity balls, and those that encourage the participation of everyone in the community.

how to start your own charity

However, Stich also points out the importance of using the Internet to spread word about such events as well as to raise funds. Programs like eBay Giving Works, for instance, allow people to donate to certain organizations through the proceeds made from private sales.

Charities also need to do some legwork of their own if they wish to secure adequate funding for their respective causes. Sponsorships, especially from local businesses (as opposed to large enterprises), are particularly beneficial to small charities and foundations. Local businesses, in turn, can attract more customers by means of lucrative charity fundraiser ideas like sales and auctions.

Some businesses are also likely to partner with charities or foundations that support meaningful, high-profile causes such as health and poverty. As such, aspiring charity founders would do well to align themselves with efforts aimed at addressing the most pressing concerns in their respective communities while remaining true to their core principles.


(Article Information and Image from How to Start Your Own Charity, Woman’s Day)


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