Genuine Help, Genuine Response: Supporting a Legit Charity Fundraiser

Charities help bridge the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots.” Meanwhile, donors have a right to know whether the funds or resources they are sharing are indeed being put to good use. A section on the BBC website discusses the ethics of fundraising, and how folks can tell if a certain charitable organization is worthy of their trust.

  • Charities will regularly review the ethics of their fundraising methods
  • All requests for funds will be truthful
  • They will accurately describe the charity’s work
  • They will accurately describe the intended uses and destinations of the donation
  • They will not encourage unrealistic expectations of what the gift will achieve
  • Donations will be used to support the published purposes of the charity and in line with the purpose for which they are solicited
  • Spending on fundraising and administration will be kept as low as is cost-effective

Genuine charity fundraisers will do everything necessary to ensure that the donations they receive don’t go to waste. Such an organization is typically recognized by the IRS as an approved charity. Likewise, you may want to ask for a letter confirming the organization’s tax-exempt status or check with the IRS if the charity is eligible for tax-deductible contributions.


It’s one thing to find a legitimate charity, yet it’s another thing to comply with the payment methods enforced by the organization. Programs such as eBay Giving Works allow donors to wire their contributions via electronic means such as PayPal, which is a safe means of transferring currency. Thanks to such reliable and flexible payment options, folks shouldn’t have a problem supporting reputable charity fundraisers.

(Article Information and Image from Fundraising,


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