A Short Guide to Easily Organizing Successful Online Charity Auctions

Charity auctions are one of the most popular fundraising events among nonprofit organizations, and are fairly popular amongst nonprofit organizations. However, one recent charity auction— the upcoming Footballs for Food Community Arts Project in Rutherford, New Jersey—has managed to stand out and may become an idea you might want to imitate. As reported by The Record:

The Rutherford Super Bowl Committee is hosting the Footballs for Food Community Arts Project, a town-wide display throughout the borough of football canvasses decorated by community artists, scheduled to continue through January. Proceeds raised through an artwork auction on Jan. 25 will go to the Rutherford Community Pantry and 55 Kip Center, a non-profit older adult activity center.

“The number one thing is, it’s a fundraiser, but it’s also an art project,” said committee member Billy Neumann. “We have a lot of hidden artists in Rutherford. This is one of those events where a lot of people came out and said they’d help.”

Although live auctions are typically successful fundraisers, they can be difficult to organize, especially if you lack the funds and the manpower to pull them off. If you want to start an art project and then sell the creations to the highest bidder, consider conducting your charity auction online. Multiple auction sites like eBay Giving Works provide people an option to automatically donate all proceeds from their successful charity online auctions directly to a partner nonprofit.

resident-created footballs for food on display n rutherford

Online auctions are highly successful because they have no time or geographical constraints, allowing organizers to reach a wider audience. If you are interested in organizing online charity auctions to help raise funds for a nonprofit, here are a few tips to help drum up interest in it, as well as its success:

Social Media

Use social media to promote your online auction. Increasing exposure can only do your auction good. Do not forget to mention the cause you are raising funds for.

Useable Items

Make sure that the items you are auctioning off can be used anywhere. Remember that you may have auction participants from other states and even other countries. Auctioning off items that hold value anywhere, such as baseball card collections and wines, increases the interest of participants.

(Article Information and Image from Resident-created Footballs for Food on display in Rutherford, charity auction set for Jan. 25, The Record, January 16, 2014)


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